Monday, May 2, 2011

Curse you, To-Do!

When you go from having one kid to having two, you tend to let a few things slip by the wayside.

Like neglecting that pile of clothes down in the basement meant for charity until it multiplies to the point of falling over and making a huge mess.  Then you kind of just stuff it in trash bags and say Someday...someday I will take the time to sort these and donate them and get a receipt for my taxes.  I have no idea how long I've been putting this "chore" off but it's getting dangerously looking like a boutique down there.

Or meaning to upload pictures to Kodak Gallery to share with family members who don't have Facebook/like to order color copies for themselves.  I still like to put together albums here at the house too, and I used to be pretty good at keeping up at it. notsomuch.  I've got photos that I've ordered since Sean was born sitting in a big pile on the bookcase, still sitting in their mailers.  Imagine my surprise too that I haven't downloaded anything to Kodak in like six months.  FYI:  You shouldn't try to ring in that albatross all in one night.  Rome wasn't built in a day, man, and neither is almost a year of photographic memories!

Some things are a little more short-term.  Like the "Working Mother" essay that I said I would write by the end of April.  I've sat down and spent some time putting my thoughts into Microsoft Word, but they just need to be organized.

So yeah, I guess I have a lot of nagging catch-up to do.  But how good does it feel to finally cross things off that ol' "To-Do" list?

Hopefully I'll get to remember that feeling soon.

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