Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Shopping List

Saturday is the annual Tent Sale at the most beautiful yarn store on Earth!  A gaggle of us from the knitting group are going to assemble and swoop down....and I'm bringing my Mom, SIL and college girlfriend!

I've already got my list written out and am hoping to score some really good deals for some Christmas knitting.  Yes, I said it.  Christmas Knitting.  My goal is to make every single one of my family members a handmade knitted item for Christmas.  I've even already started....so go ahead and be jealous, ok?  :)   I started early because I know of at least two babies to knit for this upcoming Autumn, so I'm trying to plan ahead.  (see?  I'm not really one of those people that people love to hate for being uber-prepared for the holidays.  Lord knows they drive me a little crazy, too.)

Of course, the shopping trip wouldn't be as fun if I didn't get something for myself, too.  I'm looking to get the yarn for my first sweater, if it's discounted enough.  I have no idea what color sweater I want to make.  I know that I don't want black, I already have a few black sweaters.  Nor do I want white, or ivory, because I know I likely won't want to wear it.  So I'm looking for suggestions, from people that know me.    Purple?  Magenta?    Cyan?  Lilac?  Tell me, people, don't make me pick!  :)

I am also going to knit one silly thing...a phone case for my Droid.  I suffer from a serious case of "black phone in black purse" syndrome.   Some bright yarn ought to nip that in the bud.

So excited for Saturday.....a field trip to my "happy place!"

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