Friday, December 3, 2010


The weight center appointment wasn't nearly as intimidating as I would have thought.  And it turns out that I knew someone in the group, making Hubby's "Geez, you know someone EVERYWHERE you go!" truer all the time.  (It was a mom from my playgroup, we have sons the same age)

Anyway, I was the first person there, I had gotten there a little early and I had brought some knitting to keep me busy.  (Christmas goes with me everywhere with the hopes that it'll get done in time!)    The leader of the group gave me some paperwork, including a printout of what I weighed at intake and what my goal weight was for the fifteen weeks.  Then she said "Whenever you're ready, I'll weigh you."  I chuckled a little joke, "Ohhhhh, I'll never be "ready."  But I'll do it anyway!"

 I stepped on the scale and shielded my eyes, thinking I'd be horrified by the number that popped up, recounting two Thanksgiving dinners and all the crap we ate in Philly this past weekend."  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised, I've lost three pounds since the beginning of November!  And that is despite the two Thanksgivings!  (I didn't go hog-wild at either one, I ate what I wanted and nothing more.)  Guess those three weeks of eating healthfully and being mindful of portion sizes/junk food pre-Thanksgiving paid off.  :)  I could not be happier with my first week.