Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Yes, Babies Do Get Jealous

It's Saturday night.  The boys and I had just gotten back from seeing Daddy at the (rain-soaked) Relay for Life.  I really thought hard about turning around and heading home once I realized how wet it was at the event.  Will thought it was great, because Mama let him stomp in ALL the puddles!  At least I got some Cool Points out of it  :)  I changed mine and Will's clothes, Sean was under an umbrella so he was nice and dry.  (I'm glad that I don't have to wring out socks too often!) 

Now I needed a good idea for dinner.  I didn't want to order out and I certainly didn't want to do a whole lot of cooking.  So I came up with a good idea: grilled cheese sandwiches and parmesan-garlic french fries.  And an even better idea:  Let's eat them picnic-style in our living room!  Will was all for it, and even helped out by clearing some toys and grabbing some blankets from his bedroom to spread out.  I brought in the plates and some iced tea for me, he carried in a sippy cup for himself.   I brought Sean in to be part of the party, and heck, Joey joined us too.  But Sean wasn't happy until he was in Mama's lap.  Then, the strangest thing happened.  He was intensely staring at while he munched on his grilled cheese.  I finally made the connection:  he wanted his sandwich!  Oh, he was obsessed with getting his hands on that grilled cheese, he wanted it in the worst way!  He didn't get it of course, but wow, he stalked that thing!  :)

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adventures in rhode island said...

i don't blame him, it sounds great, especially those fries! yum! picnic style was a great idea!