Sunday, June 27, 2010


At the nail salon yesterday, getting a much-needed pedicure.  Much needed as in scraggly toes, as well as good for the psyche.  After all, they take about an hour, and you get to read trashy magazines!  (I now know who Ke$ha is, I'm caught up on Sandra Bullock's life drama  and have a whole new list of  recommended songs I want to download to my iPod, thanks to People.  Oh, and Kate Bosworth is a lucky girl, dating delicious Eric Northman from True Blood!)  Plus when you leave, you have gorgeous tootsies that are as soft as clouds.  Nothing picks up a girls' spirits quicker than that!!


Anonymous said...

I used to love having appts so I could read "People" magazine. Now my parents get it as part of a free miles program so I can read the gossip in my own home!

I had to self-pedicure yesterday. Had a foot spa going, and my toes are cute and blue-nailed now! :)

Crafty Mama said...

The lady at the counter actually said "sorry for making you wait." Are you kidding?? I read People and enjoyed the silence. Really, you've given me a gift. :)

Oh, and mine are purple. Glorious, purple!

adventures in rhode island said...

ya know, i've never gotten one, but i have been thinking my feet really need it! and now your blog cemented it, i think i must have a pedicure and read trashy mags! :)