Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is There Any Room for You in There???

Today's bedtime is brought to you by Will and his friends.

His friends:  Brown Doggie, Ringing Brown Doggie (one rattles, one doesn't) Sparkledoggie, Tan Doggie, Sheepie, Sunshine, Doodle, Puppy I and Puppy II, Biscuit the Bunny, Bingo Baby-Dog, Handwashing Dog, Polar Bear and Fireman Sam. 

Oh, and I believe that there's a plastic hammer, DVD Case, pair of slippers and at least one water-filled sippy in there, too.


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The Caffeinated Mommy said...

I remember from 7th grade social studies class that Egyptian pharoahs used to be buried in the pyramids along with all their prized earthly possessions. Which is EXACTLY what I think of when I tuck Zoey in amongst every doll, stuffed animal, book, and McDonalds toy she owns. So cute!