Sunday, June 6, 2010

Procrastination is a Way of Life Around Here....

Know how good it feels when you finally finish something you've been putting off?  It feels incredible! 

This project was two years in the making....not because I was actively working on it, but because I spent a lot of time ignoring it.  It's a wedding record for my brother and his wife.  I actually started stitching it when I found out that they were engaged.  I did the main body rather quickly....and then I learned how to knit.  It also doesn't help that I despise finishing work (regardless of the craft) and this sat in a sandwich bag for oh.....I don't even know how long!  It was supposed to be a wedding present last May.  Then I put it down to knit.  The wedding came and went.  I decided that it would make a lovely Christmas present, once I fixed a couple minor mistakes and initialed the piece.  Then around Christmas....I couldn't FIND the dang thing!!  Christmas came and went.  Then I had a baby and well, nothing got done!  I found the wedding record yesterday wedged between my two yarn organizers.  I've finally washed it and it's drying in a towel in the kitchen right now.  I figured it needed to be done NOW, so I didn't have a chance to lose it again.  It's not initialed....and I don't care!  And now it's finished just in time....for their first anniversary to have gone by.  I'm calling it a first anniversary gift anyway!!

Pictures to come, as soon as it is framed. 

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