Monday, June 7, 2010

Lost Dogs

The other night Brian and I started watching the movie "Sideways."  It was not a hit in our home.  Supposedly it was a comedy/drama, and it won six Independent Spirit Awards.  Now, I have no idea what an Independent Spirit Award is, but there was nothing particularly funny about this movie.  We ended up shutting it off way before it was over.  By then it was too late to start anything else, so we began the usual tasks of getting ready to go to bed.  I'm finishing up knitting a row when Brian comes into the living room and informs me that there are two dogs in our backyard.  Stumped, I asked him if he was sure that they were dogs and not something else.  (His reply: "What kind of question is that????"  Well, we've had possums, raccoons, skunks and the occasional cat, so hey, it seemed logical)  I get up to see for myself and yes, there are two small dogs in my backyard.  I think that they were both Bichon Frise, one white and one gray.  They seemed friendly enough, but they weren't wearing collars or tags.  I couldn't figure out at first how they got back there, and more important, WHY they were back there!  The whole thing gave me a bit of a creepy vibe, but I think that comes from reading too many Charlaine Harris "Sookie Stackhouse" books.  You know, shifters and all?  Maybe 2 of the 5 people who read this blog will get that.  :)

Anyway, I'm standing in the backyard, trying to decide what to do.  Brian suggests opening the driveway gate and letting them out of the backyard and going to bed, but that just doesn't feel right.  Still, I open the back door.  And that's when I hear it:  a guy whistling for a dog.  I yell out, "Hey, are you missing two dogs?"  His reply "Oh yes! Do you have them?  Oh Thank God!"  Suddenly there's three guys running up my driveway and they're super-relieved to have their dogs back.  I think that they must've belonged to one of their moms or a girlfriend, because they were really grateful.  And just like that, they were gone as quickly as they appeared.  The whole situation was just strange!


The Caffeinated Mommy said...

Totally got the Sookie Stackhouse reference!

adventures in rhode island said...


CraftyMomof3 said...

Did you ask if ones name was Sam?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about too much Sookie!
I find I sometimes worry about things that don't happen in the real world because of the paranormal books I read!