Friday, June 25, 2010

Clocks Don't Talk

Not only is this story funny, it's to my gain that it worked out the way it did.....

Father's Day Morning:  6:15am.  Woken up by the damn birds AGAIN, Will sails into our bedroom with his boundless energy.  "Hi Mommy!  It's morning time!!  Can I sit on your bed?  What do you want to do today?  Can I have chocolate milk for breakfast?"  And with that riccochet of toddler verbage, he was off and running into the living room. 

Ugh.  To have that kind of energy, I don't know if I'm jealous or just chagrined.  It being Father's Day, I vowed to take care of it and see if he'd go back to bed.  I woefully roused myself and threw on my robe, and left the sanctuary of my bedroom.

Me:  "Will, it's too early honey.  Let's get you back into bed."

Will: "NO Mommy!  It's morning time!  I want to have breakfast and watch TV!"  starts to cry.

Me:  "ok buddy, I'll make you a deal.  I'll get you a cereal bar and some milk, and turn on the TV.  See that clock there?  It's says six-two-five right now.  When it says seven-three-zero, you can come and get me."

He agrees easily, and I sleepily pour him the milk and open a cereal bar.  I head back to bed and hubby says "that went well." 

I awake to Sean's cries and glance at the clock.  It's now 8:45.  Huh.  Why didn't Will come and get me?  What the hell has he gotten himself into???"  I whip open my bedroom door and there he is, sitting in the living room.  He's brought a bin of toys onto the couch and is playing quietly. 

Me:  "Hey Buddy.  Whatcha doing?"

Will:  "My dinosaurs are having a breakfast campout!"

Me:  "Thanks for letting Mommy and Daddy sleep a little while longer.  How come you didn't get me when the clock said seven-three-zero?" 

And this is the best part....

"Mommy, it never said seven-three-zero.  'Cause CLOCKS DON'T TALK!"  :)


adventures in rhode island said...

ha ha ha!! Will comes out with the best stuff!

The Caffeinated Mommy said...

Ohhh, the things they say! That is too adorable. Kudos to Will for just sitting nicely on the couch instead of trashing the house while waiting for you to get up! ;-)

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