Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drive Safe!

Our little piece of New England got a bit more snow today, it was a few flurries early this morning that morphed into heavier snow later on. I dropped Will off at daycare this morning, lately he's really excited to be going to "Auntie's." He talks about it all the way there and then bursts into her house yelling her name and rushing to give her hugs. It makes me feel good, knowing how happy he is to be going! Anyway, as I was pulling the car out of her driveway, I noticed that he was playing with her Thomas trains on the front windowsill inside, so I beeped my horn, waved and blew him a kiss. He got kind of excited and was yelling something to me that I obviously couldn't hear.

A few streets away while waiting for a light, my cellphone rings. I glance down and it's the daycare. My first though is "Oh God, what's wrong??" I answer, and she tells me that she just had to call and tell me how cute my kid is. Here's what he yelled after I beeped the horn:

"Bye Bye Mommy! Careful....raining!" :)

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Anonymous said...

That is beyond cute!! What a little man he is growing up to be.