Friday, February 27, 2009

A Case of "the Sorries..."

Lately Will's favorite thing to say is "I'm sorry." He apologizes to us, the daycare, our dog Joey and even his toys! It's very polite, but I have no idea where he picked it up. I was starting to think he said it just because and didn't really understand what "sorry" means. Then, at the beginning of this week I discovered that he had gotten into my knitting bag. I'd carelessly left it out in the living room instead of tucking it between the table and chair like I usually do, and the project that I had been working on had been completely frogged, with the needles thrown across the room and yarn stretching from one room to the next.

Panic!!! I wasn't really mad per se, as I hadn't gotten too far into that project. But I still don't want him to go into that bag. So I called him over and asked "Will, did you do this?" He said "Yeah....." and instantly put on his pouty sad face. I told him that he had done a naughty thing and shouldn't play with Mommy's knitting. He ran away because he was upset, but two minutes later and he's back, putting his head in my lap. "I'm sorry Mommy.......I'm sorry."

"Awwww Buddy. I forgive you!"

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