Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Progress Report

Swim, swim, swim.........lots of activity lately and not much time coming up to breathe!!

First, I think my family's recovered from the sickness. Seems like everyone I know has had a bout with this stomach bug. Luckily, I was never affected other than having to do stinky laundry and try to be a "boo-boo fixer," hug administrator and errand-runner. I feel very lucky, but refuse to gloat in it, because you know only too well when you do a victory dance. :)

I FINALLY got my tooth fixed today!! As freaked out as I was by it, I have no more throbbing and can eat without tears. No crunchy foods just yet, I get my crown next week. But that night's dinner will be hard shell tacos and raw carrots!! Doesn't sound appealing? It doesn't sound great to me either but I COULD have it if I wanted it!

Anyway, in the true spirit of taking a break, I used a sick day today to recover from the root canal and take care of myself for a change. I've needed a "mental break" for a while now, and today was a justified reason. Justified by ME. No dishes. No laundry. No cussing out the vacuum. No stressing over the calendar. No paperwork No phone ringing off the hook. Just me and Joey, watching TV and knitting. (Joey's a waayyy better knitter than I ever could be!)

I ordered a copy of "Stitch n Bitch, A Knitter's Handbook" which came highly recommended by some of my knitting friends. (Not Joey, he prefers "Knitting for Dummies," when he isn't creating his own patterns) I'm more than halfway finished making a striped scarf for a friend, and I am going to try to felt it. I'm told that this is easy to achieve by putting said scarf on the hot water cycle, then letting it dry naturally. I'm also told that this will make my mistakes on said scarf invisible, which I am all for! I made a white scarf for another friend that I am going to try to add fringe to the edges. I feel a bit like a one-trick pony, with all of the scarves, but I am trying to learn something new with each one of them. I did also see a cool Christmas present idea that I could make for my friends this year. It's never too early to start thinking about these things....

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gillitrev-livvielu said...

just stop and breathe. I have had to do a lot of that lately. nothing stops for moms.