Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I haven't felt like myself lately, I've been pretty stressed out about work. Mostly feeling overwhelmed with the duties of being a full-time employee, wife, and Mom. There's been a lot of hat-switching, but I'm holding my own, and this feeling won't last forever. The project that I am working on will be finished pretty soon, and things will slowly return to plainly chaotic instead of absolutely insane. :)

We took Will to Friendly's tonight for dinner. He's really into cheeseburgers right now, he thinks they're the greatest thing since......well, he loves them, period! I worked late last night and Brian took Will to Target to get a few things. They passed a Red Robin and Will said, "Dinner? Burger Daddy? Pleaaasseeee........" It's really hard to say no when he says please. He's really a polite kid, with lots of please and thank you! (and no, he didn't get the cheeseburger last night!)

We did get to have some fun with our friends Tracy and Michael the other night, we went to the AHL All-Star Hockey game. Not your typical hockey game, no fights or checking. So I didn't get to stand on my seat and yell for the fights. (Yes! I do!) We had heard that the Stanley Cup was going to be on display, so I got a shot with my cellphone of Brian grinning ear-to-ear in front of Lord Stanley's Cup. :)

I also started reading the Twilight series. Everyone I've talked to has been totally enamored by the series. It started a little slow, but I can feel myself getting swept away in the vampire love story.

I guess that's about it for now. Life is pretty un-interesting in the New England Winter!!


Anonymous said...

You are going to love Twilight. Sorry you've been soo busy..I hope things slow down for you soon.

I got another good book for you to read. Off Season by Anne Rivers Siddon..its very good and the ending well its complex but awesome.


Sarah said...

You are going to be totally adicted to Twilight. Make sure to get the second book before you finish the first, etc, or you'll be mad at yourself!

You'll have to share pics of your Ikea kitchen for me! We're going tonight to look at their stuff.