Monday, February 16, 2009

Bunch of Sickies...

You know how you always look forward to three-day weekends? I don't know why I still do. It usually ends up not going as planned. Will was sick on Saturday. The most romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day? You and your lovey mopping puke, changing pajamas, sheets and t-shirts. Several times. Nothing says "committment" like that! It was weird that Will was sick, because the throwing up was the only thing going. No fever, cold, etc. And it came without warning. Crazy! Yesterday he was fine, if not a little whiney. Todayhe's flat-out whiney and I can't figure out why. Brian's also sick now, and I'm suffering still from "The Toothache from Hell." It has varying stages of pain; once the infection cleared up I was doing a lot better. Now it's really bad again and I'm back to soft stuff like oatmeal and smoothies whenever possible, or cutting my food into miniscule pieces. Wednesday's my root canal and (gulp!) I'm really looking forward to it!!

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