Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joey!

Sundays are a nice day. We wake up a little later, have breakfast and then get about our day. Usually it involves grocery shopping, cleaning and running around like crazy! But this week I banged out all of the shopping on Friday so there's a bit of time to just hang out. Plus, it's Joey's Birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday to my furkid, Joey. I simply cannot believe he's 7 years old today! We got Joey at the shelter seven years ago this summer. He was "the baby" before Will, and he still remembers! So Happy Birthday, Sweet Joe. We love you!

The cake at Joey's First Birthday in 2003. It was a special dog recipe, and the damn thing weighed like five lbs!

Hanging out with his Nana at the first birthday party. (Yes that's a party hat, go ahead and laugh)

Watching Eagles football with Daddy in 2004

Posing like a good doggie

Being the protective "Big Brother" to a 2-month-old Will

Joey this past fall with Alana. Everyone that comes to visit gets the same treatment: "Pay attention to me!! Nobody loves me here!" :)