Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nothing Like Last-Minute Planning!!

Ever had "one of those days" where you pull all of your clothes out of your closet and try them on and you hate them all??? If you're a woman, I'm willing to bet you have, more than once! Since I became a working Mommy, I've learned to fly by the seat of my pants with the best of 'em. But some days leave me truly today. Happily, everything worked out in the end, but I often feel like these scenarios would make a great sitcom. :)

I had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for my new property to go to today. I pulled a pre-baby navy blue suit out and wasn't shocked that it only fit my pre-baby body. My favorite french blue blouse has lipstick stains from washing it with my favorite lipstick. (oops) Frumpy sweaters....pants that I pulled out of the bottom of the laundry hamper (sniffsniff....still good? No!) Clearly, I couldn't go in pajamas or my "Mom Uniform" which consists of jeans and a beat up t-shirt.

So what's a girl to do??? Storm Dress Barn as soon as they open, that's what! I found a suit in record time, to go with one of the three pairs of shoes I had in the car. (no, seriously.) This is shaping up to be the best shopping trip ever! Only problem is, I am a short girl. And these pants were made for a beanpole. Hmmmm.....I'll try tape back at work. Instead I hit the jackpot! One of the residents at the other building can hem them for 3pm! I insist on doubling her small fee, since it was a rush job and she did it so quickly. And then I have a nice suit and look presentable, instead of like a frumpy mess. All RIGHT!!

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