Monday, June 9, 2014

Snuggle Buds

Both of my boys love to snuggle.  There's nothing they like more than sitting with Mom or Dad (or both!) on the couch with me having an arm around each one, watching Pokemon.  (Which OH MY GOD DO I HATE.  That show makes me want to hide under a rock.)  Or we'll snuggle on my bed while I read to them.  Each one has to have a different book, they rarely agree on reading material.

But lately, they also like to snuggle with each other.  They love nothing more than sharing Sean's bottom bunk, talking late at night.  I check in on them and Will usually has an arm flung over Sean and they're snoozing peacefully.  I'd take a picture but that would probably embarrass them.  That, and the light at night in their room is awful.  :)

Lately though, we've put the kibbosh on bed sharing on school nights.  Because they go to bed way too late, they're too busy talking to actually sleep.  On weekends we don't care.  Share all you want!  Stay up late comparing lego creations and books and funny stories.  They're 4 and 7...they're not going to want to do this forever so let's let them enjoy each other's company.

Will was carrying his stuff up to the top bunk last night, saying it's too much for him.  So I'm handing him his pillow and blanket, his Angry Bird Han Solo, one of a million stuffed dogs.  Finally I say  "Ok, anything else?"  He says "Yeah.  My brother!"

This is the kind of thing that I'm going to miss someday.

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