Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Summer Stuff

-It's June!  It's finally getting warm.  I mean really, we had to turn on the heat at the campground on Memorial Day weekend.  Not much is colder than sleeping on an air mattress and having to wear your sweatshirt to bed.  Nevermind the fact that I woke up at 3am because I was cold and hunted for socks in the dark.

-School ends in three weeks.  We are rapidly approaching the "I cannot muster any enthusiasm" phase that parents get to at the end of the school year.  But we'll get thru Spree Day and the American Cancer Society fundraiser that Will is participating in at karate.  And whatever else life throws at us.  Right now I'm working on summer camps.  Please somebody tell me....why does school get out on the 23rd but the earliest camp I can find starts the Monday after Independence Day??  Or why camp lets out a week before school starts?

-Brian and I got to have dinner on the deck last night, while our kids had dinner at a friend's.  That's pretty cool.  My deck boxes that I planted herbs in are drowned, which is certainly not cool.  Something to do with the heavy dirt that I used (dirt is DIRT, I thought) and the rain doesn't drain from the boxes.  So no fresh basil, garlic chives or thyme for us, unless it comes from the grocery store.

And this guy?  He's loving a good time at the Fitness Festival at Will's school over the weekend.  I mean, what four-year-old wouldn't?  He got to play with a police siren and a fire hose in one afternoon.

It's not too often you tell your kids to hold on, because you want a pic of them fighting.  :)

Will and his balloon sword and puppy-paw face.  Brian and I vetoed his first choice:  black scars so he could be a zombie.  Naturally, the kid next door came over yesterday with that look.  Nice.

Hello, Summer.  It sure is nice to see you again!

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