Monday, June 16, 2014

Robots and Planes

What a busy Saturday!  First there was Sean's last soccer game of the season.  Then there was a Spring Fair Day at karate to benefit the American Cancer Society.  Each class had to count how many kicks they could do in 45 seconds and then people sponsored them.  Yours truly held a kicking pad and counted out a couple of kids, including Will.  He got 47 kicks in 45 seconds!  And that is the only acceptable time to kick your mother!  :)

Then, we still felt like going out.  So we headed over to the "Touch Tomorrow" event at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a free fun day showcasing the technology of tomorrow.  It was all about the robots, but had other stuff, too.  We listened to robotic music (drums and guitar strings) and visited a machine shop.  Saw robotic stuff in the medical field, such as surgical devices and a "smart" wheelchair.  It was a lot of fun.

And I finally got to cross off this Day Zero List Item:

21.  Fold a paper airplane (6/14/14)

That's my plane that Sean's holding.  They had a booth set up on engineering paper planes.  Mine didn't fly well, but IT's A PLANE!!

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