Monday, July 1, 2013


The weekend brought the emptying of our storage unit on Saturday, and with that, MY YARN!!!  

I put it in storage back in April, so when I started looking at the bins, it was kind of like shopping again.  Well honestly, I probably do have enough yarn to open a small yarn shop.  And I'm sure that my husband thinks that when he sees it (but is nice enough to keep it to himself.  We accept each other's "crazy" around here:  he deals with the yarn and I'm cool with the yelling at the TV when the Philadelphia Flyers are on.)  So anyway, you've heard of a "yarn diet" where a fiber enthusiast (I say this so I don't tick off the crocheters) insists that they're going to only knit down their stash?  I'm on overload, or perhaps a "yarn binge," if you will.    So many ideas, so many projects!  And I want to start them all at the same time!

On my needles:

A pair of gorgeous blue socks for me.  In fact, one of them is almost finished but I kind of got sick of looking at it so I put it in the "hibernating" pile.

A sweater for my niece's birthday in November.  It's proving to be a quick knit.  However, even the quickest knit comes to a grinding halt when you need to change needle sizes and don't have the one that you need on-hand.  (I know, but it happens)  So I ordered it yesterday and will probably see it in about a week.  Augh!

Simple baby blanket for charity.  I've always got one of these going, just something in garter stitch with an eyelet edge.  There's also a few baby hats for the December box for Stitches from the Heart.

I've printed out the pattern for Brian's sweater, and it's going to take some reading/measuring/swatching.

And who knows....the startitis is pretty bad right now and I might just give in on casting on something else.  Knit all the things!!!

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