Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bummer. stubborn streak in my twenties has caught up with me again.

In 1997, a friend came to visit me at college.  She spent the night at the dorms and we were driving to our hometown the next day.  It was warm at the beginning of March, and the ground had thawed.  Later on it froze again and as I was walking out to my car that morning, I put my foot in a hole that had frozen and fell.  It was one hell of a nasty sprain, and I can still remember the pain!  Still, I drove the 65 minutes home and dropped my friend off at her house two miles away.  When I got home, it had swollen to the size of a softball.  My mom took one look at it and said that we HAD to go to the ER.  A few hours later I had an air cast, crutches and a stern "Keep icing it and take good care of it" from the doctor.

It was a New England winter, and classes weren't exactly close to my dorm.  And after a whole, the crutches got old and I said "Oh hell, I'm better off without these."  And I walked everywhere, ignoring the doc.

I'd like to find my 20-year old self and smack her for being stupid.  I know that we all feel like that, like we're INVINCIBLE when we're young.  But if I had listened, I wouldn't have had my ankle roll in my office today.  I was walking across the room, simply walking.  I didn't trip or anything.  And BOOM!  I heard a little "crack" and instantly knew I was in trouble.  I had a resident in the office at the time and my cry of "AAhhh!"   kind of freaked her out.  I did make it back to my desk, and someone else came running to see if I was all right.  And brought me a bag of ice.  I was thankful for people around today, because working alone has its perils.

I had already taken the afternoon off, to contend with some house business on the old place.  But Brian insisted on taking me to the minute clinic, where they gave me an x-ray and determined that it's not broken.  However, they did say that I have an old fracture that's calcified on its own.  So I guess I can no longer say that I've never broken a bone.  Now I've got a clunky air cast, a shuffle around the house and lots of ice and ibuprofen.  And a wonderful husband who also is a good nurse.   Hope this heals quickly.

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