Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Summer Should Be

This is what summer should look like:

Friday:  both of us having the day off.  Well, Hubby had the day off because he had been sick the day before.  But still....all of us home together is nice no matter what the reason.

Will had a friend over, and we filled up an inflated pool in the backyard.  I say "filled up" but really, what I mean is that the kids let an inch or two get in the pool before starting a water fight.  And then I joined in and it was FUN!  I simply cannot resist aiming a hose at squealing, giggly kids.    Afterwards it was ice cream sandwiches and popsicles all around.  And then I took all three boys to the movies to see "Turbo."

And then last night a bunch of my knitty friends came to see the house!  Lots of snacks, knitting and laughs.

Saturday:  a trip to the library with the boys.  We brought home a huge bag of books.  Will's working on a little reading program that I made up, if he reads 30 books he'll get a prize.  Prize is to-be-determined.

Later on, we're taking them to an inflatable arena, and then out for frozen yogurt.  Another great day!

Tomorrow's going to be full of not-exciting stuff.  Like laundry, and cleaning and getting ready for the week ahead.  But you've got to have a bit of that to keep the rest of the week going.  Here's to summer days, and summer nights too!

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