Monday, June 24, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

The move is finished!  Moving day was well....moving day.  It actually went pretty smoothly and I have to chalk that up to my Mom.  Mom stayed with the movers while we went to the closing and came to the new house as well to help get settled.  And she even came back the next day with my Dad to help some more!  So I owe her (and him) huge thanks.  Thank you!!

So we're in, and getting settled.  A lot to unpack, and this upcoming weekend will bring even more.  We've rented a truck and my brother is going to help empty the storage unit.  It's slowly starting to feel like home.

No move is without hiccups.  The first was the central air in the new house, it would turn on and then short out.  Since we're having a heat wave it was first on the list of things to deal with, pronto.  A lot of money later, it's running just fine and the nest of mice that moved in over the winter has been dealt with swiftly.  (Nevermind the details, you don't want 'em.)  No home phone or internet over the weekend felt kind of like living in the stone age.  I came home to that fixed today as well, and enjoyed my first Pinterest frenzy in ages!  New house--new ideas.  :)

Also, Sean has decided that although he likes sharing a room with his brother, he wants no part of sleeping in the bottom bunk of the bunk beds.  He has instead chosen to sleep on a little "Thomas" cot on the floor.  Change is hard for little guys:  new house, first "big kid bed" if this is the only issue we're having is that he won't sleep in it, that's a-ok.  At least he's sleeping in the room, and he'll get there at his own pace.  The boys LOVE having an upstairs/downstairs to run around and explore, not to mention unboxing all of the toys that have been packed up for months.

So the future is quite happy.  And once we get rid of the "past" (i.e. get the other house sold) life will be even better.

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seeamyrunning said...

Hooray! You're in! Have fun unpacking (yeah...right). I recommend a good, strong cup of coffee (with Bailey's). It makes sorting through all those boxes MUCH smoother. ;-) So happy for you guys!