Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blank Canvas

OK, we've been living in the new house for three weeks.  And it's really feeling like home, even to Joey.  Just this morning he let us know that he loves it here by lying on the kitchen mat and snuggling against the cabinets.  This is his way of "settling in" and accepting.  That, and he isn't Velcro Dog anymore.  :)

So now that we've been here for just a little bit of time, I'm starting to get decorating ideas.  My decorating theme in the last house....oh who the hell am I kidding.  There was no theme.  There was a couple of framed pictures, some things thrown around and clutter and chaos.  So if you consider that a theme, I was rockin' it.  Since we're going to be living here for quite some time, I want to take the time to decorate and make it feel like it reflects us and our taste.  But honestly, I'm not sure what "our taste" is.  I guess I will find that out along the way, it's kind of an adventure.  And thanks to Pinterest, a very fun one at at!

The first room to be done will be the boys' bathroom.  This one will be the easiest, since it's just paint for the most part.  Our realtor kept referring to this house as "the girl house."  It definitely has a very feminine touch:  pink master bedroom, cherry wallpaper in the family room, etc."  The bathroom for the boys is painted lilac.  With a fluffy white curtain on the window and the switchplates have flowers and makeup brushes on them.  Doesn't get "girlier" than that, I guess.  If they liked it, we'd keep it.  But since they don't, we're getting rid of it.

This is not a boys' bathroom.  Clearly not.  So it will be the first one to work on.  I'm thinking that with the green tile floor (which I'm not crazy about but not replacing) that green will be a theme.  Nothing too juvenile either, or licensed characters because the kids' tastes vary daily.  Sean loves Cars right now, and Will's really into legos.  And although they both love penguins and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I don't want to do either one as a theme.

Here's our pink bedroom!  (Complete with messed-up blinds that Joey attacked when he got spooked by the neighbor mowing our lawn.)  We will be purchasing new bedroom furniture soon and I am thinking that a light turquoise color in the walls would be really pretty.  Brian loves the idea of an accent wall behind the bed, like we have already.  Of course, both of us want this pink-striped-and-flowers wallpaper GONE.  That's as far as we've gotten though.

And our master bathroom.....very boring, quite blah.  No idea what colors yet, but the woodwork will (hopefully) be done over in white to match the beadboard, and this countertop is going.  Along with the faucet....that's definitely going too.

No hurry, the adventure is just beginning.

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