Friday, May 31, 2013

Monkey Wrench


We are not moving next week like we planned.

The buyers pulled out of the offer, citing financing issues. This happened six days before we were set to put the rest of our belongings on a moving truck.   We've re-listed the house and had a few showings.  We're taking a really big gamble and moving forward into the new house anyway.  It will be nice to be able to live "normally" again, whatever that is.  To have all of our belongings under one roof, have our dog back with us under said roof, etc etc etc.

Things have been kind of sucky for the past week.  There's been tears, yelling and name-calling (not at each other, but in the buyer/lawyer direction)  unpacking of a few boxes and a lot of eating out.  (When you think you're moving in six days, you usually don't go grocery shopping.)  The boys are feeling the stress, and so we're decided to take a day off from all of the house craziness and spend the day at an indoor waterpark tomorrow.  They need some fun, and we need a break too! 

Crossing all appendages, hoping for a quick offer and turnaround! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh Ginny, that is MISERABLE! So sorry to hear about the house offer falling through. And I'm VERY glad to hear you are taking a break from the madness!! Sending hugs and sell-your-house-fast-thoughts your way!