Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's that time, again.

Cue the Christmas Music, it's "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"  The Webs Tent Sale is on Saturday!

What?  You thought I'd miss it because I'm moving in less than three weeks?  Bollocks!  Pure rubbish, I say!  Not only am I GOING, I have a shopping list.  On it is a sweater for each of my boys.  And a couple of gift shawls.  And a lot of sock yarn.  Sock yarn is my new best friend.

To avoid last year's dehydrated and icky feelings, I've already got water ready to go.  And I bought a new bag, it's messenger-style so I can shop with both hands.  Sneakers at the ready, clean capris in the drawer.  My college friend Maureen is coming to stay the night Friday night so we can hit the road first thing Saturday AM.  She doesn't care that she has to sleep on the couch or we are picnicking with the kids amongst the's the Webs Tent Sale for goodness sake!  Come ready or not at all!  :)

1 comment:

Brian Given said...

I was thinking that since you haven't had time to get your snow tires off yet I would just go ahead and do that for you. Let's say Saturday morning?

Just say thank you!