Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Right

At the end of the workday yesterday I found myself with a little time to kill.  There were showings going on at my house so I obviously couldn't go home.  They really frown upon the owner showing up while someone is trying to get someone to buy your house.  

Anyway, I stopped at the library in our new town.  Actually, this town isn't really new, I've been working there for over a year.  And I've been to the library many times.  The first time I saw this library I kind of snickered at its size.  Felt superior that MY town's library was bigger.  Then I spent some time there, and felt bad for judging it by the size of the building.  The children's room was full of great books, a pet area with birds and the boys' favorite, a train table!!  The library staff is helpful and friendly (having engaged with one of them about knitting books, I found out that she is the one that orders knitting books for the library.  And she knits mittens for Old Sturbridge Village, out of vintage knitting patterns on very tiny needles.)  And it's arranged in such a easy way, things are a snap to find.

So I found a chair and took out my knitting project., a shawl.  As I knit two rows, my eyes scanned over the titles in the aisle where I had chosen to sit.  And I realized that I was in the cookbook section.  I adore cookbooks, I really do.  After my two (long)  rows were completed, I decided that even though I couldn't cook a whole lot at home right now, I hadn't just browsed and brought home books for the fun of it in a long time.  So I brought home a nice big stack, of books for me, the kids, and cooking.  It feels delightful to bring home books again.  Really, it is these simple pleasures that are so enjoyable, who knew the act of bringing home library books would bring me such joy.  For the first time in a few weeks, the boys had new stories at bedtime and they were thrilled.  

So I will never judge a library by its size ever again.  This place isn't too big or too small, it's just right.

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