Monday, May 20, 2013

Webs Weekend!

....and it's all over.  The Webs tent sale has come and gone, and it was a fabulous time!  This year was a small group, so we all fit in my car.  After a couple of hours browsing yarn and petting it and deciding on what was coming home with me, this is what made it into my bag:

It's ok to say it.  "Holy Crap, that's a lot of yarn!"  Yes, yes it is.  I got everything on my list!  The only impulse buy in there is some baby yarn in the way back.  That's for baby hats.  This is my haul for the year.  In this pile is a sweater for Sean, cabled vests for next Easter for both boys, three pairs of socks, a sweater called 'February Lady" for me, a couple of Christmas/Birthday gifts and next year's mittens for the boys.  I can't wait to start working on ALL of it!  That's one thing about going to Webs...I always want to cast on a hundred things as soon as I get home!

After yarn shopping was lunch in Northampton and strolling around a bit, and of course, stopping for ice cream at Herrell's.  Now it's all over and Webs is another year away.  But hey, we all have the New England Fiber Festival to look forward to in six months!

My friend Maureen came down for the weekend to go to the sale, and ended up going home on Sunday morning.  My kids LOVE her.  That's because she plays with them and thinks they're as awesome as they think that she is.  Will told me at bedtime last night that he wished Maureen lived closer so we could see her more often instead of living in Maine.  Me too, buddy.  He also made a keen observation that when Maureen and I get together we laugh like little girls at a sleepover.  He's right about that.

This weekend with friends was just what I took away the stress of moving and packing for just a little bit.  Now it's Monday and back to reality, but at least I got a short escape!

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