Monday, May 27, 2013

A Math Lesson: Change Really Adds Up.

74.  Cash in our change jar. (5/27/13)

While packing this weekend, I've found a bunch of things that I just don't want to pack.  Like spaghetti sauce jars full of change.  I have fond memories of counting change with my brother, my mom was also a property manager and used to occasionally bring home laundry quarters.  She would offer us a little percentage of them and Bro and I would happily count them out while watching TV.  My dad is also big on rolling his change. One year my parents rolled enough change to pay for most of a trip for the two of them to Disney World!

When I realized that I had a FULL jar of pennies, I wondered what the heck we could do with them.  We don't have a local bank anymore so we couldn't just roll them and bring them in to be put into our savings account.  I remembered that a group of residents at work plays Pokeeno for pennies every Wednesday, so one lady offered to give me cash for my pennies.  

So Will and I sat down for a little counting lesson (or refresher, if you will) and counted out pennies to roll for the woman at work.  I told him we would count out enough to fill the paper rolls that she had given me and he could keep the rest.  He agreed eagerly, and we spent part of the afternoon counting, stacking and rolling.  In that time, we also found a handful of Canadian pennies, six dimes and a Sacajawea dollar!  All told, he made about four bucks and couldn't be happier!  I got to get rid of the pennies and re-live a childhood memory.  It's a win-win for all.

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