Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Same Old Song.

In reference to the last blog:

1.  Leaky toilet may have caused damage to the bath floor, or subfloor, I should say.  There are two doors to the bathroom, and one is a real pain to open and close because of the swollen floor.  Hoping as it dries out over the next couple of weeks the floor will stop swelling and go back to it's regular size.  If not, well....things are really going to suck.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it's going to involve ripping up the flooring and (GULP!) cutting into one of our bedroom walls to get at the subfloor and replace it.  Seems like a good time to start re-doing the bathroom like we wanted, right?  No.  No time.  And no money for new fixtures and painting, replacing the ceiling tiles and all that jazz.  Cross your appendages please, dry floor=no destruction of the bathroom and bedroom!

2.  Car continues to overheat.  It appears to only do it when driving around town and not on the highway.  No lights are coming on the dash or anything, the thermostat is just hotter than normal.  Brian found a blown fuse, replaced it and it blew again.  Not good.  Not looking forward to the call from the mechanic today.

3.  Zyliss chopper replaced!  After kindergarten screening yesterday Will and I took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to get Daddy a little something for Father's day, and I replaced the chopper for $15.
Wow, that is a lot of crap to deal with in the past week.  To balance it a little bit, how about I tell you three things that I'm grateful for?

A.  Ran out of yarn while working on my friend Tracy's grandaughter's sweater for her first birthday.  (NO, that's not the good thing.)  It was a hand-dyed wool that I bought two years ago at Webs that I've had kicking in my stash.  It's gorgeous, pinks, purples oranges and yellows, reminds me of a sunset.  I got to the armholes and ran out.  Luckily, I scoured the internet and found another hank of it on Ebay.  It came yesterday and unfortunately is more yellow-orange than the previous two hanks which were more purple-pink.  But I can cut it and use what I need and save the rest for mittens that I knit for charity.

B.  I have a sweet husband who brings a cup of coffee to me every morning while I am in the shower.  He knows that I have a rough times with mornings and has caffeine at the ready.  Coffee=love.

C.  Will and I came up with a really great Father's Day gift yesterday.  I can't wait til Sunday!  Will has also proven that he can keep a secret, I'm pretty proud of him.

So there you have it.  The House of Crafty Mama is experiencing some troubles, but I can still find things to be grateful for.  Not that I had any doubts.  :)

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