Monday, June 11, 2012

Ballad of Broken Things

It's an old tune, and I certainly won't call it an "Oldie but Goodie."  Things tend to happen in threes, like celebrity deaths for example.. In this case it's broken things in my home.

First, a leaky toilet.  Not gross leaky, clean water leaky.  I went downstairs to switch around some laundry and found a puddle by the bulkhead.  At first I didn't think much of it, we'd had a lot of rain recently and when it's heavy rain we always get a little in the basement.  Then I saw it drip from one of the pipes.  UGH!  We traced it to the yellow bathroom's toilet tank.  Not a difficult fix thankfully, but a pain in the butt nonetheless.

Second:  Hubby was late coming home with Older Child tonight.  Turns out his car was starting to overheat.  Lovely.  And he had forgotten his cellphone this morning.  Double awesome.  He made it home fine and will check it out later.  I'm hoping for OK news.

And the third verse, albeit minor:  Busted my Zyliss chopper tonight cutting up peppers for Mexican Chicken and Rice.  It's actually my third one....this one lasted the longest.  The first one I inadvertently melted in the dishwasher.  The second one I "may" have been angry when I was making dinner and whacked it too hard.  (I'm not saying yes or no, just that it "might have been the case.")  And now this one, may it rest in peace.

Song over now?  Please?  I hope so.

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