Friday, June 29, 2012


We all have guilty pleasures.  Mine are bath products, office supplies and of course, yarn.  I am a sucker for places like Bath and Body Works, which is why I only go one or two times a year when there's a sale.  I don't need to elaborate further about my yarn habit, it needs no repeating!  And office supplies....I used to love back-to-school time as a kid because it meant getting a new box of colored pencils and perhaps a Trapper Keeper.  Or notebooks, pretty folders, and perhaps some Lisa Frank erasers.  (I'm smiling just thinking about his)

But do you know what's even better than that?

Unpacking this huge pile of boxes from WB Mason, full of supplies for my new office.

That's right, my new office.  Progress has officially brought me to sitting at a desk at the new place, taking phone calls on my shiny new phone, and meeting with people to have them pick out their new home.  Six people have selected apartments, and I (hopefully) will start signing leases in the next two weeks. 

My last day of work at the other property is slated for July 13th.  It's a Friday.  How appropriate is that???

So, the thing that I've been hoping and praying for for the past two years?  A new job, out of the city and back in elderly housing?  The thing that I have been obsessing, fretting, worrying and basically in the fetal position over for over a year now?

It's finally happening, and it is a beautiful thing.

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