Thursday, June 14, 2012

Charity Knitting Update

Tally:  26 pairs of mittens for Knit for Boston.  How many more can I make by November 1st? Only time will tell.

And I'm shipping a box in the next week to Stitches from the Heart, as per my Day Zero List.
Three small blankets and twenty-five cute lil' baby hats!  I love keeping babies warm.

Thanks to a friend of a friend, I think that I just found my charity project for next year:  The Pine Street Inn Knit-A-Thon.  Sounds like a really cool project, you make as many 9 x 9 squares and then bring them to Boston in November to join them together for blankets for the homeless.  (Or really, gifts for the newly former homeless)  The Property Manager in me loves the idea, and it's something different.

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Kristina said...

i love that!! i had to go there once for my human services class in 92. been a long time!