Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday...

....and I can still smell the sunscreen that I put on the kids this morning before taking them to school and daycare.  It makes me sad, that there's no "summer vacation" for adults.  Unless you're a teacher.  And from stories that I have heard from teachers that I know, they totally deserve a summer vacation. 

It's also hit me hard this week, realizing that how fast June has gone by, that kindergarten for Will is going to be here before we know it.  I feel like I just went to orientation in March.  Don't blink.  My mind has been racing at night, making mental lists of things we need to do before then, things I want to do this summer, memories to be made, etc etc etc.

Summer colds are just not fun.  Colds in general aren't, of course, but it just feels wrong to have a sore throat and stuffy nose when it's ninety degrees out. 

Oh!  I got my car back.  I had a rental for the first half of the week, while the low oil sensor and tiny oil leak were repaired.  The first time I got the car back, the light came back on and I was pretty peeved.  No more troubles though, and the dealership didn't charge me a dime for additional repairs OR for the rental.  I certainly would bring a car back to them again.

I realized the other day that I have three baby sweaters that I have knitted, and they all need buttons. So what does one do in a situation like that?  That's right, they START ANOTHER SWEATER.  Button shopping can be done later and everything sewn on at once.  I started working on "Baby Sophisticate" at knit night on Wednesday, for my friend Jenny.  She's expecting her third child (and boy) at the end of August.  I picked out this gorgeous red yarn at the Webs Tent Sale last month, I wanted to pick something cheery that wasn't blue.  This sweater is going to be awesome.  Right now, though, it's being persnickety and I've already frogged it once.  Once it gets going though, the awesomeness will shine through. 

Happy Weekend to all!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely think teachers have earned their summer vacations! Especially Toby's teachers!