Friday, June 29, 2012

Angry Birds

An alternate title would be:  Crappy Start to the Day.  :)

I went outside on Wednesday morning to load our usual morning stuff into the car.  As I got to the car, I froze, then nearly dropped everything that I was carrying.  I mouthed silently "What the ____ is going on?  Is that bird ___ all over my car???

Yes, its bird crap.  The car is covered in bird crap.  And by covered, it looks like it was assaulted by a flock of Hellbirds, and my car was the potty break on their road trip.  Seriously, it was awful.  There are no trees over our driveway, so the birds really did just fly over the car.  My neighbor's car and Hubby's car?  Untouched.

I had to get Will to school early because it was Field Trip Day so I had no choice but to drive the thing to get the boys where they needed to go.  And I had to stop for cash to pay for the car wash.  People pointed and laughed everywhere.  After the third time I would wave and smile, I mean, if it was anyone else's car I'd probably find it hilarious.

Boys dropped off, cash in hand, I head to the nearest car wash.  The attendant let out a low whistle when I pulled up and said "Oh man.....what happened??"  You know it's bad when the sight of your filthy car surprises the guy that washes cars for a living.

One quick trip through and my Journey is squeaky clean again.  And I will likely never forget the rotten morning.  However, some people say that if a bird poos on you it's good luck.  If that is true, my car is the luckiest car on the planet!  

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