Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sundays are made for.....

Baby's Baptism.  Our niece was baptised this morning, and she was sooooo beautiful in her christening gown!  Afterwards we headed to a family get-together which involved good food and catching up with old friends.

They're also for tackling that pesky weekend to-do list:  As soon as the caffeine from the afternoon coffee kicks in there's a lot more laundry to fold and whatever else I put on that list.  Oh yeah, corralling the toys.  Parents out there:  you know what I'm talking about.  After changing the nursery back to an office (complete with a new light thanks to Hubby yesterday!)  we also got a new TV stand and bookcase thing from Ikea for organizing the toys.  Our family room looks like two separate spaces right now:  one is fabulously organized, the other looks like a hurricane passed through.  Time to do some weeding out and donating!

Lastly, they're for racing the clock.  My friend Heather is due any day now with her first child, Baby M.  (In case you're new here, she is the one that I surprised in Florida last month!)  I still wanted to knit her one more thing, and I didn't have enough time to pull it off before my trip.  It's a carseat baby blanket, my go-to item for all moms.  I love this pattern, it's a short baby blanket with a hole (on purpose!) in the middle for a carseat belt buckle.  That way, the blanket stays on Baby, keeping him (or her) warm and snug.  The pattern is actually a worksheet, you fill out the numbers based on a swatch.  I hate swatching, I avoid it whenever possible and just wing it.  But with some things, like a sweater, it's a necessary evil.  Nobody wants to put in the time knitting a sweater and find out it doesn't fit because you didn't take the time to make a freakin' swatch.  So sweaters, and this baby blanket, are the only things that I swatch first.  In this case, no swatch=no pattern.

My work-in-progress.

 I have made this blanket several times before, and it's always well-received.  However, I usually use a bigger needle size, so this one is taking  for-ev-er!  So I am racing the clock, as Baby M is "due" this week. Luckily we all know that a due date is a guesstimate, and not an exact date.  So I don't know if I have til tomorrow, or two weeks from now.  I'll just keep knitting.

Happy Weekend to you and yours!

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