Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' Lizards!

It's February 29th....that magical day that only comes around every four years.  When I was a kid I thought that there was something magical about it, and I wish I still believed that.  I thought that anyone born on this day was kind of screwed, only getting a birthday ever four years....I mean, how messed up is that?  From a kid's point of view anyway, as an adult it seems to be kind of cool.  A visit from the Wrinkle Fairy every four years.  :)

Happy Leap Day to all.....hope someone out there is doing something more awesome than me:  spending it behind a desk.  But hey....Wednesday's Knitting Night!  I look forward to it all week.

No new and exciting projects to talk about, I've mostly done charity knitting.  I've got fifteen pairs of mittens done since 1/1/12, and a whole bunch of baby hats too.  Something big is blooming on the horizon though, but I'm not sure what the next "big" project is.  Annndddd.....I've started my shopping list for the tent sale at Webs in May.  Yes, I am well aware that it's 2.5 months away, a girl's gotta have a plan!  (and a budget.)

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