Thursday, October 14, 2010

Down at Fraggle Rock

A friend posted on Facebook about a new TV channel....The HUB.  It claims to have "television for kids and their families."  What they really should be calling it is a trip down Memory Lane!  For one thing, it has Fraggle Rock.  I can remember watching Gobo and Uncle Traveling Matt and the gang when HBO was still a separate box on top of your TV.  (Showing my age here....proudly)  We introduced Will to the Fraggles and they were an instant hit.  He doesn't usually ask for them by name though, instead saying "Can I watch that show you watched as a kid??" 

At night, it's a fun trip for my generation, with Doogie Howser, Family Ties and my personal favorite, "The Wonder Years."  Man, they don't make TV shows like these anymore! 

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