Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn in New York

Brian and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary with a weekend trip to New York City.  Now I can say that I've been there!  Well, other than driving through to get to Philly, or dropping off my brother-in-law when he lived in Queens.

We stayed at a very swank hotel, in a posh room on the 37th floor.  Woah...that"s quite an elevator ride.   We dined at "Maze" which is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.  (see Blue Plate Special for details) and then trotted down Broadway to see "Promises, Promises", a new musical with Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth.  WOW!!  What a great show.  The part of C.C. Baxter was practically written with Sean Hayes in mind, he was very funny!  I always knew that he could sing, since he did a little singing as "Jack" on "Will and Grace."  He's beyond talented though, and I look forward to seeing him in something again sometime. 

After the show we were too tired to go with our original idea of going out somewhere for dessert.  We opted instead to stop in a little eatery and bring home an oreo brownie and some German Chocolate Cake to our room.  After dessert it was about midnight so we passed out and slept like the dead until NINE AM.  That never happens with children in the house!  We ventured for breakfast at an Irish restaurant across the street, and upon checking out of the hotel, we ventured to find the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.    This is an attestment to just how much my husband loves me....he not only took me yarn shopping while on our anniversary trip, he stuck it out through Manhattan traffic to do so!  The yarn shop was delightful and I brought home a bag of goodies for projects that I am working on in the near future. 

After fighting some MORE Manhattan traffic, we were on our way home to our munchkins.  But not until we stopped for dinner at a restaurant from our dating days...Paul's Pasta in Groton, CT.  Anyone who's ever been there KNOWS how awesome it is!  What a great way to sum up ten years....going back to a restaurant that we frequented in the days that it all began.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend with just the two of us.  Happy Anniversary, Honey!


CraftyMomof3 said...

Scott's jealous! He said he said he could only be more jealous if you went to bobby Flay's. :)

adventures in rhode island said...

what an awesome anniversary weekend! SO COOL you saw "promises, promises", i love both of those actors so much. it must have been such a fun show. NY sounded like a blast for you guys, so glad you got a chance to get away!

Alicia said...

You got to see Kristin Chenoweth in person at that play?! I am so envious. She was fantastic in Music Man, Annie, and Wicked. Glad you both got to have such a fantastic weekend. Congrats on 10 years of wedding bliss! You both are my inspiration with Kevin.