Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can You Take Our Picture, Mommy??

It's all right here--Brotherly Love!  Every morning, the first thing that Will wants to do is play with Sean.  When Sean cries, Will brings over his beloved Brown Doggie to cheer him up.  He's also appointed himself as Sean's Protector.  When I chided Sean last week for trying to eat the dog's food (to him it looks like Cheerios, so it MUST be fair game!) Will yelled at me, "Mommy, don't yell "no" at Baby Sean, you're scaring him!"  Earlier in the week we were driving to a restaurant and Sean was crying to beat the band in the car.  Will touched his hand and said "Don't cry Sean.  You hear that?  Mommy and Daddy are taking us to Chili's!"   If Will laughs at something that Sean is doing, Sean grins and keeps doing it.  (that "something" is boxing the dog....which Joey faithfully accepts and I break it up as soon as I can.)  Yesterday while I was browsing Ravelry for mitten patterns Will asked if he could hold his brother.  I obliged and as soon as Sean was in his lap Will said, "Mommy, can you take our picture?"  Of course I will, Buddy.  :)

I know that the days are coming when the boys will get on each other's nerves and resort to fighting.  And I'm pretty sure that those days aren't as far away as one might think!  But for now, this snuggly love that they have for each other, I revel in it. 

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adventures in rhode island said...

what a sweetie Will is. definitely moments to be cherished. my favorite quote was the Chili's one, LOL.