Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stand Up and Smile if you Like Bananas!

Sean's not even nine months yet, and he's already pulling himself up to stand.  Think we've got an early walker here!  Here he is, with a trademark grin and his "birdie soother."  I got this for Will as a shower present and it's the ONLY way we got him to sleep at night!  Sean thinks of it more as a toy, and loves to bang on it and make it turn on and off. 

Sean's also a little tired of the same old, same old in the baby food department.  He had his first piece of soft pasta over the weekend, cut into little pieces.  Last night he got to have some sliced banana, which he loved!  He doesn't quite have a hang of picking up thin slices of banana, but he sure did keep asking for more.  And to think this is the kid that didn't like solids at first.

Little Man is growing up!  Soon he'll be running and trying to keep up with his big brother.

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