Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Sendoff

I did it.  I dropped Will off today for his first day of preschool.  AND I managed to hold off on the teary goodbye, though I lost it in the car on the way to work. 

Little Man was SO excited for school this morning!  I packed up his things that he needed and put his name on his lunchbox last night.  The lunchbox may have been the most exciting thing for him, actually.  This morning he was all about it, wanting to see his sandwich and apple slices, and insisting that I bring the same exact lunch to work.  I took pictures (coming soon) of him posing with it back at the house.  He was so lost in the thrill of going to school, he forgot his old friend Brown Doggie on the coffee table.  The kids are allowed to have a "lovey" at naptime, so Good Ol' Mommy stuffed him deep-down in the tote bag just in case he missed his buddy when it came time to rest this afternoon.  I think that's when the desire to cry started on my part, seeing Brown Dog and knowing that an era has passed. 

Upon getting in the car, I explained to him that we had to drop off his brother first.  "And then you're bringing me to school?  How far away is my school?"  He enthusiastically informed me that babies weren't allowed at school, and if he saw a baby there he was going to put it in his lunchbox.  (this kid is too much)

Drop-off went seamlessly.  Almost TOO seamlessly.  As soon as we got into the building and said hello to his teacher "Miss Sandy" he was tearing off to play with some kids.  One thing that can be said about Will, he certainly is a social butterfly.  Nope, not a shy bone in his body.  And with that...."Bye Mom!  See you later, I'm gonna go play now!"

So.  I'm the mom of a preschooler.  Happy for his adventures and happy for him to have kids his own age to interact with.  But still teary. 

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Sally HP said...

Ugh...it's so hard! You're doing great, and I know that you're glad he didn't cry, but it's all so much!