Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Brother Duties

Will's not the only one going to school this fall....Hubby is back in school and taking two more classes for his Master's, so two nights a week it's just me and my boys.  For some reason, Hubby seems to get housework done on nights that it's him and the boys, but I haven't mastered that tricky task just yet!

Tonight Will has taken it upon himself to entertain his little brother.  He's been dancing, making faces, yelling peek-a-boo and assigning animal noises to me and Joey in order to keep Sean in stitches.  Sean's loving the attention!  Joey also likes when Will is the ringleader, as Will's heavy-handed with the treats.  Lately he asks to give Joey his cookies "all by himself."  This consists of carrying around a stepstool and climbing up to the dresser in our room to get a canister of dog cookies.  While I was fetching Sean's teething tablets, Will came running and said he "helped" by giving Joey cookies because he deserved them.  That's when I noticed the cookie canister was looking a little light.  I discovered half the canister arranged in circles in my bedroom, with Will working furtively to make them faster before getting caught. 

Where's the camera when you need one?  Will was pretty disappointed when I told him he had to put the cookies back except one.  But I don't think anyone was more disappointed than Good Ol' Joe-Joe.