Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Autumn Already

It's coming to a close...another week gone.  Fall is the busiest season in our house, with (almost) all of the family birthdays, plus other stuff that we all like to do.    Will had his two days of school this week and so far he really likes it.  He came home with an art project today, a little "Will" that he made out of paper.  He was a tad chagrined though, that the paper "Will" had green eyes and he doesn't.  He's already learning new things and I'm pretty proud.  For example, tonight when I picked him up he was attempting to drink a glass of water.  No, not a sippy cup.  A plastic cup!  Sure, he was wearing some of it but he was getting some!  Yeah kid's almost four and we're working on cups.  We've been a little lax in that department, opting to concentrate on potty-training instead. 

This weekend is shaping up to be an exciting one.  First, we're shopping for Halloween costumes because we're going to a friend's house next weekend for an autumn get-together.  She's a photography enthusiast (and takes GORGEOUS pictures) and has invited friends to come over for pictures, pumpkins and autumn snacks.  What a neat idea!  Depending on weather on Saturday, we may go apple picking.  And on Sunday, my mom is celebrating a special birthday, so we're all going to a great Italian place to celebrate. 

So busy...but loving it.  But right now, home with the boys and hubby in school, the house is very quiet.  So that means it's time to log off this thing and go enjoy it!

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Jenny said...

So excited you're excited! We can't wait! I've got lots of big ideas for this party! :)