Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time Flies, in Photos

Seriously where does the time go?  Sean turned three months over the weekend.  Can't believe it!  He is one smiley the mornings Brian goes in to him while I'm getting ready for work and he's all coos and smiles.

And check out the Big Kid.....lately Will looks a lot older to me than three years old!   He's always running somewhere and telling me "Mommy I've got a great idea!"

Speaking of pictures, we took the boys for photos last week at Sears.  Will got pretty tired of it after a while, and refused to hold Sean for the photos.  They got some good ones, though.  I would never want a job at the portrait studio, I give our photographer all the credit in the world with how she handled Will's antics.  Just knowing that she has to deal with active and sometimes cranky kids, yet turns them into beautiful work is awing.  While we were there, we got their passport photos taken.  (For a stop in Canada later this summer)  To quote my  favorite comedienne, Erma Bombeck:  "When you look like your passoport photo it's time to go home!"  These two....they look like they've already been and they want to go home, now!!


CraftyMomof3 said...

I LOVE that pic of Sean. So cute!

adventures in rhode island said...

awww, Sean is so adorable! 3 months?!?! wow, time does fly. and Will is getting so big and seriously cute!! i give you credit for even trying to get those picture sessions done, it can't be easy!