Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Brown Doggie Adventures

I can honestly say that Will's dependence on Brown Doggie is starting to wane a bit.  A  couple of mornings he's tried to leave him home while we're getting ready for daycare, only to have me stuff him in the diaper bag for the ride.  Because I know that independence streak will lighten around naptime at daycare and he'll be desperate for his ol' buddy.  However, I continue to be surprised.

I took Will to Target with me yesterday for a little shopping, leaving Sean home with Daddy.  (i.e. screechtime.  Sean's back to being grumpy and spitting up.....perhaps because we gave him is Zantac a little late yesterday)  When we got to Target, I told Will that Brown Doggie was going to stay in the car to watch over it.  (i.e. I didn't want to chance a marathon trip of pushing a cart with a teary toddler, desolate to find Mr Doggie.)  Will's answer to this was "Oh Mommy, I think Brown Doggie is going to get into a lot of trouble in there."  :)  But he stayed int he carseat and we had a nice successful trip to Target, where Will picked out a special treat:  A Wallace and Grommit movie!  (Which we have already seen at least four times!)

After my own grumpy day, Hubby sent me out with my girlfriend Tracy to see a movie.  (Date Night:  Hilarious!!!!  I'll watch Tina Fey in anything)  When I got home around 11:30, Brian was in bed but told me to look on the kitchen table for the wrapping paper.  I went out to the kitchen and there's a ripped-open package of pink paper on the table, and in black Sharpie it says "To Grandpop, Love Will."  At first I didn't get it, then Brian informs me that the package contents had been Brown Doggie.  While I was shopping with Will, we picked out a birthday card for Grandpop, whose birthday is this Friday.  While I was out, Will told Daddy that he wanted to send Brown Doggie to Grandpop for his birthday.  He came out to Daddy with the dog and the pink wrapping paper, and insisted that he wanted Grandpop to have it, so Brian obliged.  As soon as the last piece of tape was on the package, Will's face just fell.  Brian asked him if he had just realized  what would happen if he gave Brown Doggie to Grandpop....and he almost started to cry as he asked for Brown Doggie back.  How precious!

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adventures in rhode island said...

wow, i'm impressed! that is amazingly sweet to want to give your most favorite toy to someone- and at 3 years old! what a big heart!