Monday, April 19, 2010

Inside Jokes

Every family has their inside jokes, and I have one to share because it's long-running and just too funny not to share.

Brian and I will be married ten years in October.   Our wedding was a day wedding, with the reception ending at 5pm.  My parents invited people back to their house after the reception, and my mother had ordered deli platters from the local grocery store for the "after party."  As the reception was ending, she asked my younger brother to go with my uncle to the grocery store to pick up the platters, so that she and my father could go home and be there for when their guests started arriving.  So my brother, with my uncle in tow, headed to the grocery store.  Upon arriving, he came across the usual throe of shoppers waiting for lunchmeat at the deli counter on a Saturday.  He sauntered over to the counter, and politely informed them that he was picking up platters.  They eyeballed him and informed him that he could not jump the line just because he had platters to pick up and that he had to wait in line like everyone else.  Uh-oh.......lots of people back at the house and no platters?  This was not going to go well. 

Every family tree has a few nuts, and my uncle is no exception.  Taking matters into his own hands, he approached the deli counter and asked for the platters.  After being told to get in line again, he looked the deli clerk straight in the eye and deadpanned "Hey buddy?  Give me my platters or I'm gonna get NAKED!"  The clerk's eyeballs nearly popped out of his head, and he quickly got the platters without a word!  They returned to the house without incident and the story instantly became a family classic.  It's re-told at every get-together, Thanksgiving Dinner, baby shower, etc.  Someone always asks at Christmas to pass the mashed potatoes or they're going to get naked.

So, my baby boy was christened yesterday, and in order to save myself some cooking, I ordered deli platters and a cake from Price Chopper.  Brian and I took separate cars to the church, and my brother rode with me with the intent of helping me with the platters.  I pull into the grocery store parking lot and he says "Ok.  If they don't give us our platters right away, you know what we have to do."  And of course I replied "Get naked!!"  Lucky for the Price Chopper shoppers yesterday, we got our food right away without incident!  :)

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