Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three Years Post-LASIK....

....and do I need glasses again? 

In becoming knit-obsessed in the last six months, I've noticed a peculiar thing.  If I sit and knit for like 20 minutes, totally focused on my work, when I look away my eyesight is blurry.  Sometimes it only takes less time than that.  I can see distance-wise, but if I try to read something, it's blurry.  Very weird!  I had LASIK three years ago to correct my nearsightedness and now I'm going to have farsight issues?    I had glasses for 20 years, dumped them and then three years later?  That hardly seems fair.  I mean, I knew I'd eventually  need reading glasses, as it's an age thing as well as the muscles around the eye that cause that, LASIK can't fix that. 

Huh.  Well, I'm sure as hell not giving up knitting!  I've got Christmas gifts to make.  And a swap package to send out in the weeks ahead.  And a bag liner to sew.  Augh, this sucks.  :P

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Brian Given said...

Easy fix. Stop knitting.