Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Redux, in Photos

I've been so busy the past two weeks that I'm *just* getting to posting about our Easter!  It was a very nice holiday, and the Easter Bunny was very generous with the boys.  Due to flooding at my parents house, I hosted dinner and my Mom came early to cook.  It was a really nice day!

The Big Kid on one of his three egg hunts this year!  

 Will "posing" with his friends Sydney and Toby at the egg hunt

Dyieng Easter Eggs.  Well....Mommy did the dyeing, Will decorated with stickers

Nana posing with our little bunny rabbit  :)

Mommy and her bunnies

Uncle Brian holding his godson
Auntie Kim, Mommy and "Uncle" Matt.  Matt's actually my cousin, but Will calls him Uncle Matt.  He adores playing with Matt!   

The Bunny Parents

Auntie Kim and Uncle Brian...and Sean not willing to cooperate with having his photo taken.

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