Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the News...

I started getting the local paper delivered recently because with my new-ish job, I suddenly have more interest in what's going on in the city. Really, I'm just making sure my new building isn't in the Police Bulletin, but I am enjoying reading the paper every day. Especially on Sundays, while Will eats and watches Clubhouse Disney, Mommy and Daddy drink coffee and peruse the paper.

Anyway, I came across this story about a case of road rage: a man was driving down a local route and started to get annoyed at the truck in front of him. He tried to pass him several times, but the truck kept pulling back out. He was cursing and waving a wrench, totally pissed that he couldn't get this guy to pull over. Finally, he flies in front of the truck, making the truck stop. He decides that the truck's headlights are just too bright and gets out of the truck with the wrench and the intention to smash the headlights. Out of the truck comes......the Police Chief and his wife! Oops! Arrested on the spot. Guess that was a bad idea, huh buddy!

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